Monsters University looks forward to receiving every application, every letter of recommendation, and every excellent essay. MU is a place for self-discovery, curiosity, and scholarship. With unmatched class offerings, a multitude of majors, and a supportive and friendly campus environment, Monsters University is worthy of your attention.

Each year, over 26,000 high school and transfer monsters apply to MU, but only a fraction get admitted. Our methods are strenuous, but our tradition is truly great.

With the top scaring program in the country, along with four other academically rigorous schools (including notable programs in scream energy, door technology, and business), MU's academics are second-to-none.

But life is not lived solely in the classroom. Monsters University offers a holistic training for the mind, body, and spirit -- guiding students of all shapes, sizes, colors, and consistencies toward contributions to their communities, their fields of study, and their world.

While we can't tell you how to get into MU, our admissions team has provided some advice throughout this site on how to put your best foot (or claw, hoof, or flipper) forward.


"There's no place I'd rather be than MU, well, except at home with my Mom. It's... a delicate balance."

-- Scott "Squishy" Squibbles

"I may be an old coot but I feel like a young coot again after my time at MU! It must be something in the water."

-- Don Carlton

"What's up with all these birds?"

-- Art

"Monsters University taught me that I could be scary in my own skin, not some preconceived notion of what horror is."

-- Randy Boggs

"I'm a bit of a recluse, but to me, the Scare Games makes the chore of being around other monsters 24/7 worth it. I mean, you can't get this anywhere else."

-- Claire Wheeler

"MU makes monsters of all shapes and sizes feel so accepted. That is, once you're accepted. At first, I was deferred."

-- Art

"As the president of Python Nu Kappa (PNK), an elite scaring sorority, I can say I know a thing about scaring, and there's no place like MU."

-- Carrie Williams