School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities

The world's finest writers, deepest philosophers, and ground-breaking playwrights have found their creative voices and points of view in the classrooms of the School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities division of MU.


"To learn from masters, sit with scholars, and mingle with artists of the highest caliber -- that is the Siren song of the Monstrosities."
-- Salma Burien, MU Sophomore


Staying Calm & Carrying On: Overcoming Student Stress, by Scales & Fisher

A Classical Compendium: The Collected Works of the Masters, edited by S. Trimble

The Marketplace: Examining the Role of Commerce in Culture, by Lars Tyre

Logic, Language, and Literature: How We Understand, by Sharon Kincaid

Ivory Tower, Silver Screen: Cultural Scholarship of Leading Film Schools, by Dr. Jim Chastain

My Fur, Turned Against the Winter Frost, a collection of poems by Tatum S. Franks


We offer majors and minors in the following areas:

  • Liberal Arts
  • English
  • English/Creative Roaring (dual major)
  • New Age Philosophy
  • History (Early Monster Studies minor)
  • Women's Studies
  • Monster Education
  • Film Studies


Dean: Dr. Lloyd Finklebaum
Assistant Dean: Dr. Susan Warner-Hooglum
Language Track Co-Chairs: Dr. Janice Berners & Dr. Phil Margel
Teaching Track Chair: Dr. Tranco Sandersome
Anthropological Track Chair: Dr. Zeek Zilco
Film Track Chair: Sissy McClure (adjunct)
Office Staff: Yamzel Klutzsky, Uriah Gilpott, and Tami Von Tract

Dr. Adele Adamson
Dr. Walt Alanson
Dr. Samuel S. Bateman
Dr. Allistair T. Caan
Dr. Philo Carter, Fuller Chair of Creative Writing
Prof. Yaz Franklin (adjunct)
Dr. Ephron Franks
Dr. Phineas Jankleman
Prof. Ellie Jenkins (adjunct)
Dr. Nancy Laszlo-Terbeek
Dr. Quaid Menlo
Dr. Harriet Munn
Dr. Ruby Startle
Prof. Carl Swardson (adjunct)
Dr. Filbert Turbeek
Prof. Tom Tulley (adjunct)
Dr. Lyle Weaver
Dr. Thomas Zoopar


HIST 400. Native Monsters (4 units)
Studies the rituals and practices of the Native Monsters throughout history to the present, emphasizing monster responses to cultural conflict and the impact of public policy.

MON 199: The Origins of the Literature of Fear (4 units)
An overview of the fear classics, focusing on the seminal rhymes of Mother Goosebumps.

MON 345: Existential Threats (4 units)
Taught by world-renowned Fearologian, Dr. Barnabus Malworthy, this advanced philosophy course engages the timeless debate of whether fear evolved from nothingness or a higher power.

SEM 390: Semantics (4 Units)
In-depth study of the meanings of expressions, whether phrases, exclamations, screams, or moans.

Additional courses include:

ENG 104: Literary Classics (3)
HIST 130. History of Traditional Monster Civilizations (4)
HIST 235. Scream Containment Technology Through the Ages (4)
WOMN 236. Females in Scream (4)
HIST 290. Fear During the Renaissance (4)
FILM 299: Independent Study (Classics) (1)
HIST 300. Native Monsters (4)
WOMN 305. Women in Global History (4)
MON 306. Diplomacy in Interspecies Relations (4)
FILM 399: Independent Study (Classics) (1)
HIST 409. Ancient Cities (4)
HIST 410. Art & Architecture of the Classical Period (4)
WRIT 452. Explorers, Inventors, & Creators (4)
HIST 495. Founding Political and Educational Institutions (4)

Learn more about the upcoming semester's course selection in your student guidebook or by visiting the LAM main offices on campus.