Blue is an athletic force, boasting several leading programs and consistently finishing at the top of the league in overall intercollegiate competition.


Nowhere is the passion and spirit of Blue more apparent than in MU's storied rivalry with Fear Tech. Homecoming Weekend events are currently in the planning stages, check back here for further details on how you can get involved.

Sports News & Updates


The MU faithful were put to the test last year, losing the conference championship with a "Hail Scary" pass from Fear Tech. But MU is back this year with an excellent new recruitment class -- including three top-tier high school standouts: Bart Gates (quarterback), Uriah Pemberslime (fullback), and Harry Phiegel (wide receiver). The entire university community is buzzing with the prospect of Gates throwing to Phiegel for four years of touchdowns.


The crown jewel of our athletics program, MU has won the national title in crew 17 of the last 20 years. Whether one-monster, six-arm or six-monster, one-arm competition, MU is the class of the competition.


Led by world-renowned coach Mitch Badwater, the MU swim team has literally swam laps around the competition. Last year, the swim team lost its senior captain Timbo "The Motor" McGee, whose worm-like body and 7 legs propelled him to 3 "Swimmer of the Year" trophies.


MU Lacrosse is back this year with a renewed spirit because of the brand new Lurchmon playing field, featuring full facilities for both monsters playing on the field and monsters being used as sticks. Breakout stick Jane Pratt looks to set an MU record in goals after sitting out last year due to a season-ending injury (torn mesh basket).


Multi-paddled behemoth Zane "Great Wall" Xiao defends his singles title in his single year. Sports Monstrated called Xiao "ruthless at the table, with his omnidirectional vision and octo-dextrous hand-eye coordination. He's a force to be reckoned with." We couldn't agree more.


MU has spirit, yes we do! Every year, the MU Cheer squad peps up the crowd and helps encourage our teams to victory. Tryouts for new members will be held on September 14th this year -- bring your own music. Monsters wishing to try out as pom-poms should report directly to Cheer coach Natalie Fjordo. Note: Cheer is especially looking for a unique-shaped monster to sit atop the famed MU Cheer-amid.


The chess team is back with a vengeance this year, after a crushing injury-laden season last year. With more than half the team injured in a mid-season matchup with Fear Tech, the bench reserves made a fine run, completing the season with three checkmates, all within the last few seconds of regulation.