School of Business

The study of the global economy is at the heart of understanding the modern world. Monsters University School of Business courses focus on accounting, finance, strategic analysis, marketing, information technology, supply chain, statistics, law and management strategies.


"I knew coming to MU would be a good investment. Only after graduating from the MU School of Business do I realize how good the ROI will be."
-- Turck Gleason, MU '11


MAAP Basics, by Dewey, Lerner, and Crass

Advanced Social Media Marketing, by Dr. M. C. Beard

Organizations and Workflows, by Lloyd B. Ring

Monstrous Results!, by Tom Jeters

Getting Scares Done, by Dr. Grant Grimes

Hiring by Instinct, by Dr. Carlos Niff

Flinch, by Jakes McCourt

Four Eyes, Eight Eyes, 32 Eyes: A Study in Scalability, by Dr. Raymond Delapace

Entremonstership, by C. Randall Davis


  • Business Administration
  • MBA (Monsters in Business Administration)
  • Accounting
  • Organizational Communication
  • Business Logistics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media (Minor)


Dean: Dr. Phipps Johnson
Assistant Dean: Dr. Jamie Dugelflorn
Career Counselor: Hink Mangrel
Internship Coordinator: Drew Fancy
Office Staff: Trombull Phirb, Jack Vernor, Clint Platt, and Greggorius Fowler

Dr. Kendra Atwater
Dr. Bryan Corbis
Prof. Harold Cosgrove (adjunct)
Dr. Lark Disoto, Accounting Chair
Dr. Barton Dructer
Dr. Samuel Gage
Prof. Adrian T. Garbo (adjunct)
Dr. Carlton N. Masse
Dr. S. Nutte, Org. Comm. Chair
Dr. Lori Ramerton-Beale
Prof. Timothy Rastrussen (adjunct)
Dr. Bob Stoker, Marketing Chair
Dr. Josiah Suits
Prof. Clawdius Templeton (adjunct)
Dr. Helen Templeton, Visiting Account Professor
Lauren Whemple, Interim Logistics Chair


ECON 112: Microeconomics (3 units)
A guided study of the history of businesses focused on the smallest monsters in our world.

MKTG 236: Social Media Marketing (4 units)
Exploration into the latest trend in advertising -- online marketing through social channels. Prerequisite: MKTG 231: Marketing Channels.

ACC 305: MAAP Conversions (4 units)
A study in the translation between the various accounting practices detailed in the Monster-Accepted Accounting Principles (MAAP), with focus on base-2, base-8, base-10 counting systems.

BUS 357: Government Contracts (2 units)
Adjunct professor Clawdius Templeton lectures on his extensive experience acquiring government energy contracts, and turning them into profitable ventures.

BUS 499: Internship Self-Study (1)
All juniors and seniors are required to complete two (2) semesters of self-guided internship with a local Monstropolis business or non-profit.

Select classes from our program:

MKTG 106: Intro to Advertising Copywriting (3)
MATH 108: Math for Business Use (3)
BUS 121: Principles of Advertising (3)
ECON 111: Macroeconomics
ACC 224: Accounting for Fear I (4)
ACC 225: Accounting for Fear II (4)
MKTG 231: Marketing Channels (3)
BUS 255: Business Plan Writing (4)
BUS 314: Business Fright Law and Policy (4)
BUS 356: Factory Logistics (3)
MKTG 361: Marketing Psychology (3)
ACC 372: Tax Accounting (4)
ACC 373: Tax Accounting (3-6 arms) (4)
ACC 374: Tax Accounting (7+ arms (4)
BUS 396: Organizational Communication (3)
BUS 420: Non-Profit Leadership (4)
BUS 446: Venture Scapital (4)
BUS 472: Business Tactics, Policy, and Strategy (4)
BUS 602: Business Ethics (Graduate)
BUS 646: International Logistics Study (Graduate)
BUS 712: Consulting Project (Graduate)

Learn more about the upcoming semester's course selection in your student guidebook or by visiting the LAM main offices on campus.