MU buzzes with student activity before, after, and in between classes. Intramurals athletic leagues, world–class speakers, community theater, club recruitment activities, honor societies, music ensembles, are just a few of the countless possibilities.

With every student having the option to live on campus and on–campus all four years, the vast majority choose to make MU's vibrant campus their home away from home.

Beyond mere recreation, clubs offer opportunities for making new friends and developing peer leadership skills. Student government, Monster UN, and the Monster Volunteer Project (MVP), in particular, offer opportunities for students to serve their fellow students, their local community, and the world, at large.

MU's close proximity to Monstropolis provides an incredible array of activities and access to world-class arts and entertainment.


Improv Club

Yes, and it's a club for budding comedians or anyone who loves to say, "Somebody give me a non-geographical location."

Theatre Club
All the world's a stage, and all the monsters merely players. Theatre Club: for MU's most serious aspiring actors.

Art Club
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Come expand your artistic skills -- whether it be sketch, clay, paint, or just something new!

Math Club
Even the most naturally gifted students can only reach 60 if they rely on counting fingers and toes.

Glee Club
Let the "M.U.sic" competitions begin! The Glee Club supports many student vocal groups on campus, including the Scare-atones, The Night Tenors, and the Off-Key Mumblers.

Debate Club
A group of level-headed thinkers, taking sides on the University's most important issues.

Smile Squad
Volunteer to welcome new students to campus for new student orientation in the fall. Did we mention "yellow t-shirts?"

Film Society
MU Senior Phyllis Longslime hosts a monthly viewing party and post-screening discussion about the scariest child villains in monster movie history.

Martial Arts Club
You might be able to block two karate chops at a time, but what about facing current amateur champion Turner Dourton (MU junior), who has 8 fists of fury? All skill levels welcome to the MU Dojo.

Junior CDA
For those who thrive in a disciplined atmosphere, future order-keepers learn the ropes of safety and law enforcement.