School of Engineering

From the properties of scream energy to the crafting of tools it takes to acquire it, the faculty, students, and staff of the MU School of Engineering work tirelessly to advance technological learning and application in our modern world.


"I came to MU with a lot of ideas, but it was my Engineering professors who taught me to dream."
-- Langer Bracht, MU Senior


Properties of Scream Energy, by Tuttles & Braggert

Transference and Polarities, by Terry E. Nance

Wiring: Conductive to the Last Spark, by Dr. Remy Lopez

Drop Dead Science, by Sparky Trinneau

The Importance of Containment, by Sir Fitch McGuirk

My Scream Runs Deep, Runs True, by Tan Lemoncurd

Specifications of Design, by Al E. Canfield

History of Canisters, by Dr. Kenneth N. Water


The School of Engineering at Monsters University offers terminal degrees in the following

  • Applied Engineering
  • Door Technology
  • Canister Design
  • Scream Energy
  • Computer Science


Dean: Dr. Parker Umbridge
Assistant Dean: Dr. Oly Timpf
Master Technician: Prentice Hague
School of Scaring Relations Counselor: Fran Riccard
Office Staff: Gigi Navarro, Esa Valla, Stan Walety, Cam Urbone, Balfour Slatsky

Dr. Tempo Alou
Dr. Allen Baker
Prof. William Brandywine
Dr. Kirk Butkis
Wayne Bynam (adjunct)
Ryan Cretanus (adjunct)
Dr. Valerie Cruz
Timothy Drakkar (adjunct)
Prof. Vic Dzyuhk
Dr. Trimp Fagustein
Rian Macauley (adjunct)
Dr. K. T. McNaughten
Sylvester Nordish (adjunct)
Dr. Resper Oaksitter
Dr. Rufus Oozeman
Prof. Zane South
Muncie Vallersy (adjunct)
Brett Vulk
Dr. Ester Zepperenson-Smith


MATH 121: Math for Engineers (4 units)
Basics of mathematics, applied to engineering scenarios and case studies. Required for all admitted School of Engineering students.

CAN 110: Basics of Canister Design (3 units)
Learn the history of canister design, identifying models by their numerous and varied shades of yellow, and tracking the wooden barrels of early Monster history to advanced technology of today.

SCRM 245: Scream Capture & Containment Lab (4 units)
Hands-on experience and training in the new Bates Scream Lab.

DOOR 515: Advanced Door Properties (4 units)
Advanced wiring and user experience practicum. Prerequisite: DOOR 489 (Advanced Wiring)

Select classes from our program:

CAN 099: Pre-Engineering Canister Review (4)
ENGN 101: Introduction to Energy (3)
ENGN 106: Properties of Energy (3)
COMP 108: Basic Computer Language (3)
SCRM 111: Basic Scream Energy (4)
CAN 118: Canister Culture (4)
SCRM 130: Scream Technology (4)
COMP 199: Rendering (4)
DOOR 210: Door Tech Woodshop (4)
DOOR 214: Hinge Application (4)
COMP 222: MASIC Programming (4)
DOOR 340: Splinter Prevention (4)
SCRM 262: Conduction (4)
COMP 299: Rendering (4)
SCRM 302: Scream Energy Lab I (4)
DOOR 377: Advanced Doorknobs (4)
CAN 310: Canister Shop (2)
SCRM 312: Scream Theory (4)
DOOR 380: Deadbolt Design (4)
COMP 333: Advanced Modeling (4)
DOOR 395: Portal Connectivity (4)
COMP 399: Rendering (4)
CAN 401: Canister Production & Mass Assembly (3)
SCRM 408: Scream Energy Lab II (4)
DOOR 410: Triggers and Failsafes (3)
ENGN 425: Synthetics Applied (3)
DOOR 489: Advanced Wiring (5)
DOOR 499: Door Tech Apprenticeship (1)
COMP 499: Rendering (4)
CAN 499: Canister Administrator Externship (1)
SCRM 499: Scream Energy Thesis (3)

Learn more about the upcoming semester's course selection in your student guidebook or by visiting the LAM main offices on campus.