At the heart of Monsters University is an accomplished and diverse faculty whose members comprise one of the top academic institutions in the country.

Each faculty member brings unique experience, academic specialty, published contributions to a field of study, and a dedication to classroom education, offering students a rigorous challenge each and every day.

"Some may profess to manufacture great workers. Our professors endeavor to shape great minds."

-- Elijah Magrue, MU Sophomore


Monsters University faculty members (see school pages for complete list) are top scholars in their respective fields. Tenured professors who have received recognition recently for contributions to the academic tapestry of our world include:

Dean Hardscrabble
Dean, School of Scaring
Delivered the keynote address at the International Scaring Conference to more than 10,000 professional scarers
Professor Knight
Tenured Professor of Fright, School of Scaring
Just released the 15th edition of his book "A Study of Scaring," complete with new data and techniques directly from MU classroom experiences
Dr. Tawny Van der Slime
Distinguished Professor and Fear Standards Chair, School of Scaring
Given the Morrow Award for Scaring Teaching Excellence
Dr. Rufus Oozeman
Distinguished Professor, School of Engineering
Received a patent on his scream canister filtration design
Dr. Timofus Trimboleek
Professor, School of Scaring
Awarded a grant to study long-term effects of direct Scream exposure
Dr. Philo Carter
Professor & Fuller Chair of Creative Writing, Monstrosities
Recently published a book of self-discovery poetry "I, Monster"
Dr. Seecrus Jadeus
Biology Professor, School of Science
Recently returned from an interworld trip studying plant life
Timothy Rastrussen
Visiting Professor, School of Business
Recently led a C-Level retreat for Monsters, Inc. executives