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“There is a plague in our scaring programs nationwide,” says Dean Hardscrabble, even before we sit down for the interview, “I want you to write about that.”

And when the Dean of the top scaring program in the world asks you to do something, you don’t say no. She continues, “It starts in the home, finds its way through early schooling and our nation’s high schools. It’s the idea that anyone can be scary. And that is simply false.”

Dean Hardscrabble is internationally known and widely regarded as the foremost authority on the subject of Scaring. For the past several decades, every hopeful MU Scarer has had to pass through her classroom before stepping foot on a Scare floor. Her method's are methodical, her approach refined over years of attention paid to a singular area of study. "Scaring is the one thing that keeps our way of life alive. It's what powers our cities. It's what fuels our transportation. It's what makes our world turn.”

When it comes to deciding who can scare and who cannot, Dean Hardscrabble stands alone. As the Dean -- and final authority on who gets a degree -- "She's as terrifying as she is inspiring." says Wayne Penderclasp, a former student now employed at Fear Co. "If you can survive a class taught by her, then the human world is a breeze."

So she serves, tirelessly and without any sign of retirement on the horizon, helping distill the scary from the merely shocking, the frightful from the foolish. All in a days’ work for one of the scariest monsters in Monstropolis.

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