Homecoming Weekend

Every fall Monsters University celebrates Homecoming: a time where students, alumni, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate our school's continued legacy of excellence. The MU tradition touches all of us in ways both monstrous and mundane, from frightened freshman to frightening alumni.

So join us as we lock arm in arm (or fin in tentacle) across the years and celebrate the MU pride alive in our hearts and minds.

This year, students will celebrate their school spirit in a number of ways, including:

  • Student-Led Improvised Scaring Seminar
  • Screening of MU Student Film: "Mouthful of Horror"
  • Lecture from Dr. Kendra Atwater -- "The Dot-Scare 3.0 Bubble"
  • A reading from alumnus Frank McCay's new book: "Lessons from the Frontline: The Scary Reality of Scaring"