Housing & Dining


Residential life at MU is designed to make possible a rich collegiate experience for every undergraduate student. All first-year students live in the Freshman dormitories in the campus center, an ideal location, and share meals together in the famous Monster dining hall.

Freshmen halls have many specialization options, based on need, whether aquatic or nocturnal or other types of monstrological specialization. Simply mark the appropriate box in your admission packet.

Even after the first year, nearly all students choose to continue their on-campus residential experience. Strong bonds are formed in the hours and days of these years of education and personal growth.

Resident Advisors lead each house, encouraging community, mitigating conflicts, and planning recreational and cultural activities that make each House experience unique. There is much pride and lifelong identity that emerges from the close bonds of friendship and shared experiences in the Houses.


All of the houses and schools at MU have access the Commons Cafeteria -- a buffet-style dining facility available to every student with a Monster Dining meal account. Students can also take advantage of Monster Dining options located throughout campus (including snack and coffee shops).

University identification is required to purchase food in the Commons Cafeteria. Friends and relatives may dine at the Commons, but must be accompanied by a currently-enrolled student.

All members of the community, as well as guests, may take advantage of the convenience of the university's other dining options. Students are expected to demonstrate utmost courtesy for their fellow diners. Refusal to adhere to the expectations of the positive dining atmosphere may result in the loss of on-campus dining privileges.

Additional Dining Facilities:

The Growl
Kick back, share some laughs, and enjoy the best casual dining experience on campus. Burgers, billiards, beverages, and memories.

Monster Café
Conveniently located in the student center, the Monster Café is best known for their chili cheese flies, gross beef sandwiches and hot sludge sundaes.

Tastes Like Nature
Tastes Like Nature, located near the woods at the edge of campus, is the one-stop shop for all things organic. For the student who desires pesticide-free food that tastes similar to normal food.

La Miniscule Cafe des Monstres
Soups, cheeses, tube-shaped breads, and more -- all served with a certain joi de vivre. Please note: this is a tiny cafe for monsters, not a cafe for tiny monsters. Monsters of all sizes welcome.

Blended Edibles
Whatever foods can be liquefied can be found at Blended Edibles, the food cart dining option for student who prefer eating meals through a straw.

The Coffee Closet
A recent conversion of the historic School of Scaring supply room, The Coffee Closet is the most convenient and well-stocked quick-service option on campus. Specialty: Caramel Clawpuccino.