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MU’s Bubble Bursts Again

MONSTROPOLIS -- Roars could be heard across the sports world, as hundreds of thousands of MU alumni and loyal local fans were disappointed when their favorite college basketball team was left off the NCAA tournament bracket that has become known as the "Big Dance."

MU Athletic Director Franco Blinkington acknowledged the results and issued this official statement: “At Monsters University, we strive for excellence -- and this was a truly successful year by most measures. Though we did not make the tournament, I know we left a trail of fear in our wake. We know in our hearts that our team, and our fans, are truly frightening. We'd like to congratulate those teams that did make the tournament, and we pledge to be back next year, scarier than ever."

Tears have left streaks in the blue face paint of downcast fans who had dreamed of screaming in support of their team all the way into the Sweet Sixteen. Stunned students milled about campus and the University counseling center offered an open door for those struggling to cope with the rejection.

MU President Victoria Gross took the news in stride. “For seven centuries this university has set the standard for higher education. Our programs are the most awarded and innovative in the world. We will continue to hold our heads high, and hope for the best next season.”

The University community is finding solace by focusing inward, as early sign-ups begin for the annual Scare Games later this year.