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Vocation and Satisfaction

New research unveiled from MU professors

By Arnie Themple. Originally published in the July issue of The Campus Roar, MU's newspaper of University news.

Having a clear vision of one's work future dramatically increases satisfaction with the college experience -- even if that vision never comes true. According to recent research finding from Monsters University professors Dr. Barnhard Barnes and Dr. Phineas Jankleman.

"Many people subscribe to the notion that college is happiest spent in an effort ‘find oneself'," said Jankleman, "but the research suggests that clarity is the key driver of satisfaction. Planning for a specific career leads to a sense of purpose that allows students to justify enjoying even the most difficult coursework."

Though both Barnes and Jankleman acknowledge the need for continued study, they are excited by what they've discovered and are driven to understand the connection between vocation and satisfaction.

Added Barnes, "A longitudinal study that incorporates a multidisciplinary point of view will be necessary, but this is tremendous progress."