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Concert Choir Connects with Local Schools

By Thelonius Nelson

The Monsters University Concert Choir was recently featured as the "Harmony Highlight" at the Young Artists Festival, an annual gathering of local high school ensembles. Their set included selections from monster history: classical, folk, jazz, and blues.

During the concert, the students from local schools clapped, cheered and sang along. At the conclusion of their set, the choir led the audience in the beloved "Anthem of a Moonless Night."

"We are so pleased to host Monster University's Concert Choir and are lucky to have them present this special performance to our children," said Darlene McKelfresh, Director of Choral Programs for Monstropolis Unified Schools. "The Choir enchanted the audience, and gave each child a glimpse of musical excellence. We are so thankful."

The Monsters University Concert Choir is the premier choral ensemble at MU.