Student Policies

Please see your student handbook for the full set of expectations, policies, and disciplinary procedures. Some highlights:


Monsters University is proud of its diversity, with monsters from every background and nationality. By valuing the uniqueness of every individual monster, MU hopes to create an atmosphere of open-mindedness and understanding. Through awareness and acceptance, students can learn to build relationships based on mutual respect, clear communication, conflict avoidance, and positive affirmation. All monsters are unique -- by heritage, number of appendages, or simply number of eyes -- and all monsters deserve respect.

The Basic Monster Respect program creates a safe environment for personal growth and cultural education, where students can learn to judge each other by content of character, not color of fur. A place where more arms means more hugs not more fists, where all students put their heads together to solve problems whether they have two heads or just the one.


When students fail to reasonably mediate conflicts themselves, and resident advisors can no longer handle the situation, the University steps in to assist. All complaints, offenses, and crimes are heard by the MU disciplinary action committee, made up of a body of administrators and student peers. The committee meets weekly to hear cases and decide results.


Monsters University staffs an Office of Student Employment to help students in the process of finding opportunities to learn workplace skills, develop a career game plan, and begin to build a personal brand. Career assistance is available for students of all sizes, colors, creeds, and thicknesses.

Students interested in part-time jobs, internships, and career mentors are encouraged to take advantage of the offerings of the Office of Student Employment. No matter what the nature of the desired opportunity, (on-campus or off-campus, part-time or summer full-time, etc.), OSE can help connect students to alumni networks, community service opportunities, and companies in every industry.

Monsters University also makes available each year a number of positions for students to work for University departments in various roles and numerous fields. To be eligible, students must be full-time and able to pass a background screening. The Office of Student Employment is open to walk-ins Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Monsters University housing is for the residential living of students only. All commercial activity is prohibited. No university property can be used to conduct business unless said privilege is expressly granted by the Office of Regulatory Affairs.


Academic excellence and chaos rarely live in harmony. In order to ensure every student a positive learning environment, excessive noise is strictly forbidden.

The university maintains a pro-quietude stance and typically resolves noise disputes in favor of the student requesting a silent study atmosphere. Noise can sometimes not be avoided (e.g., roaring, shrieking), but it should be the exception not the rule.

Quiet is a right. Do not violate your fellow students' rights.


Only officially assigned students may sleep overnight in Monsters University housing, unless registered with housing officials no less than 48 hours in advance of arriving. Guests are expected to obey all university rules and behave in a manner conducive to the comfort of surrounding student residents.

Stays are limited to 36 hours unless special written permission is obtained. Visitation is a privilege not a right. Students will be held accountable for the actions of their guests.


No pets are allowed on campus, with the exception of seeing-eye snakes.