To be considered for admission, every prospective student must submit a completed application, a validated MAT score, and a special essay on the topic of "What I learned when I wasn't learning -- the value of education outside the classroom."


A validated score on the Monsters Aptitude Test is required as a part of a multi-pronged evaluation process for applicants to MU. While there is no minimum score to be considered for admission, the median score of all admitted students is in the top quartile of all MAT scores each year.

The best approach to success on the MAT is to complete several practice tests in order to become fully proficient and completely comfortable with the question formats.

While Monsters University does not endorse one particular preparation method, practice testing is an unquestionably beneficial.

While you wait for your designated test date to arrive, try out this sample MAT question:

100 furry sophomores meet for five minutes in the Quad. Four different fur colors are represented. 50% of the students are blue, 30% green, 15% red, and 5% orange. Between the 100 students are 644 arms. Assuming the arms are proportionately distributed, what is the probability that a randomly observed high five will be between a furry green hand and a furry red one?

A. 18%

B. 22%

C. less than 1%

D. 4.5%

E. 13.92%


"It sounds cliché, but be yourself. MU counselors are trained to spot the frauds and phonies. Candor is refreshing and will go a long way toward convincing us we can't live without you." -- Kevin Jinkerson, MU counselor

"When you read thousands of applications a year, the ones that stand out and impress us are the ones that tell a great story about how MU will make a difference in the life of the student. Great students can go lots of places. We want to know that MU and the student is a great match." -- Sarah Antonio, MU counselor

"Read everything. Visit the campus. Get to know alumni in your area. Show that you desire to be an active part of a great community. In the end, that is all that matters: did you find a place to belong?" -- Kenny Dutter, MU counselor

"The Monsters University admission team have keen eyes -- some of them have lots of keen eyes -- for talent. Challenge yourself at every turn. Make the most of your opportunities wherever you are. If you do, we will be able to safely assume you will do the same when you arrive on campus. We look forward to reading your application." Kristin Christopher, Associate Dean of Admission


The following snippets are a sampling of essays from last year's essay topic, "Mother Nature: greatest teacher ever."

"As the last leaf fell off the tree, followed closely by the first snowflakes of winter, I realized that hitting the ground is temporary -- a required hurdle that must be cleared to go once more into the sky. Whether up through the roots or rising as steam in tomorrow's midday sun, falling down eventually leads to rising up. And I intend to rise higher than ever before."

"The river waters rippled through my fur, occasionally delivering a stray leaf or buoyant twig. A minute passed, and then an hour, and soon a whole day. Mesmerized by the life-giving flow, I had become like a statue -- a four-armed statue with soaking wet fur, and a newly-woven bird's nest that I dared not disturb."