School of Scaring

For generations, the most frightening, gruesome, and hair-raising monsters have built their foundation for scaring at Monsters University. For the 143rd year in a row, Monster News & Report has given MU the top University ranking in their annual scaring issue. The scaring faculty take pride in a rigorous classroom experience, backed with centuries of institutional academic research.


"I thought I knew everything about scaring. I read all the books, knew all the best scarers' stats. I was even the Scaretorian at my high school, but it turns out that every student at MU was Scaretorian. It's a challenging program."
-- Tommy Flaggerton, MU Junior


Scare Theory Volume. VII by Karl G. Eyegout

Scaring Companion Ninth Edition

International Scaring Ninth Edition by Jorge T. Scrumm

Scaring Descriptions "The Scarer's Blue Book" Tenth Edition

The Science of Fright

The Modern Pyschology of Fear by Molly Scareburn and Melvin Fellbone

The Anatomy of Fear by Gore Bunson

Fearmongers "High Speed… Scream Transmission Handbook"

Monsters Gambit

I'm Scary, You're Scary by Claws MacGuffin


Since MU's founding, we've offered only one program -- Scaring -- a tested and proven path to developing the most elite scarers and in world.

Undergraduates receive a broad overview of scaring theory and training in the classic techniques and approaches to fear. Graduate and doctoral programs allow students to participate in the intense study and specialization in particular aspects of scaring, with the aid of a close mentorship with a faculty member.


Dean: Dr. A. Hardscrabble
Graduate Program Chair: Dr. Phinneas Culthern
Interdisciplinary Liaison: Gemma Derk
Office Staff: Imi Kiris, Trenton Bowlinger, Philip McGurt, Curtis Lohr, Eunice Preston, and Ursula van Karn
Alumni Officer: Dr. Jonathan La Satre

Dr. Alvin Aalo
Dr. Barnhard Barnes
Prof. Brian A. Berd (adjunct)
Dr. Wagner Drett, Executive Director of Monster Vocal Center
Dr. Spencer Dylan
Dr. Promet P. Eel
Dr. Clarise Eel, Sneaking Chair
Prof. Orion Jax (adjunct)
Tipps Luger (adjunct)
Dr. Stephanie Jucker
Prof. Derek Knight
Dr. David F. Mamk
Dr. David O. Martin
Dr. Garrison Newt, Engineering Relations Chair
Prof. Zed O'Rohr (adjunct)
Prepon Quart (adjunct)
Dr. Randall Tatum
Dr. Primrose Taylor, Honorary Wobbleton Historian in Residence
Dr. Timofus Trimboleek
Prof. Renee Tucks (adjunct)
Dr. Tawny Van der Slime, Fear Standards Chair
Dr. Ian Yicks


SCAR 101. Intro to Scaring (3 units)
Introductory-level class for all incoming Scaring students. Establishes a foundation for the scaring degree course of study.

SCAR 226: Scaring Trends (4 units)
Application of statistical analysis for scarers of all types. Students examine case studies and how current events affect human scaring situations. Prerequisite: SCAR 225 Scaring Statistics.

SCAR 306: Silent Tactics II (Lab, 4 units)
Following the study of the theories of quiet in Silent Tactics I, this class focuses on real-world approaches and testing in a realistic scaring environment.

Select classes from our program:

SCAR 110: Vocal Study (2)
SCAR 120: History of Scaring (3)
SCAR 145: Avoiding Lights (4)
SCAR 203: Scare Appearance (3)
SCAR 204: Approaches (4)
SCAR 206: Disappearing & Hiding (3)
SCAR 209: Smells and the Other Senses (3)
SCAR 210: Guttural Affectations (4)
SCAR 240: Sneaking II (4)
SCAR 301: Intro to Door Tech (3)
SCAR 302: Scream Energy Lab I (3)
SCAR 332: Toxicity Studies (4)
SCAR 404: Seasonal Scares (3)
SCAR 408: Scream Energy Lab II (4)
SCAR 417: Family Pets (3)
SCAR 431: Advanced Scream Types (4)
SCAR 456: Scaring Thesis (4)
SCAR 602: Breath (Graduate)
SCAR 643: Distance Study (Graduate)
SCAR 644: Beds & Curtains (Graduate)

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