Monsters University holds academic rigor in the highest regard, and the five schools of Monsters University have adapted and evolved to offer students a broad slate of options for their course of study. All five schools offer undergraduate and advanced degrees, with coursework designed to challenge, enlighten and fulfill students of all types.

School of Scaring
Building on the scholarly work of hundreds of years of MU professors and students, the School of Scaring has earned its reputation as the most prestigious school of scaring in the world. MU's School of Scaring offers beginning and advanced courses in all things horrific: from shrieking to slithering and room awareness to the history of scaring.

School of Engineering
Thanks to a generous donation by revolutionary energy mogul Chippy McBurgh (MU ‘45), the new McBurgh Scream Energy Lab is the crown jewel of the School of Engineering, which offers both an historical perspective on technology, and advanced hands-on experience working with real-world tools.

School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities
At the heart of the well-rounded monster is the burning desire to learn more about the culture, the world, and the self. The School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities at MU prepares students for a life of artistic and sociological examination and exploration.

School of Science
How does our world work? What is our relationship to the world around us? These questions--and more--are examined every day at the MU School of Science. From biological categorization of our own species to the study of still-unknown properties of human screams, we offer students access to top scientific minds and state-of-the-art lab facilities.

School of Business
Whether you're getting your Bachelor's degree or seeking advanced study in Monsters Business Administration, MU is the first place you should look. The B-school at MU is ranked #1 in the monster world, offering students the leading resources in strategy, leadership, accounting, and marketing training. Our career advancement office recently received the Yaltz Award, recognizing the top collegiate program for providing students with quality internships and externships.