Student Profile

MU is proud to be home to all types of students, from the undeclared, to the indefinable. We sat down with New Age Philosophy student Art to learn a little more about MU’s eclectic student body.

As an open minded, free spirit, Art believes life experiences are as important if not more important than classroom experience. “I don’t actually go to classes very often, because I consider myself a student of the world, and also because I haven’t paid tuition in 7 months. See, I live on a bartering system that the school has been, let’s say, ‘hesitant’ to comply with.”

Art is devoted to his fraternity, Oozma Kappa, and excited to develop a strong bond with his MU classmates. “I love making new friends, but you don’t REALLY know someone unless you’ve cried with them, preferably from a deep emotional shared catharsis, or perhaps some kind of cage match.”

When asked where he sees himself in five years Art answered smiling and inspired, “I see myself in a sun covered field just wailing on some drums, and then I do this crazy solo on a guitar covered in flames. The guitar is covered in flames, not me, although that could be cool too.”

And when asked where he was before MU he simply replied, “Okay, legally they told me I do not have to answer that!”

Art may still be a mystery to many MU students, but given time, his free loving spirit will find its way to be the highlight on campus. “No one really knows much about him, yet,” says an MU classmate, “He seems really sweet, but also kind of scary.”

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