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They say that a 1,000-mile journey starts with a single step. And for MU Sophomore Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, he’s ready to do just that.

A local student, Squishy lives with his mother just mere blocks away from MU. From the time he was a small monster, his dream was to come to MU and “walk the hallowed halls,” he says, “to think that I could follow in their footsteps is so exciting!”

Starting his second year at MU, Squishy is still undeclared, but is planning to commit soon. “I was hoping to get into the Scare School,” he admits, “but it’s a hard one! I’m going to see how the semester goes and figure it out soon… hopefully.” Getting into the Scare School does require successful marks in Scaring 101, the introductory class taught by Professor Knight. While Squishy did not pass the class during his freshman year, he hopes a second run this year will get him back on scaring school track, “Or not. I don’t know? We’ll see, there’s no rush right?”

As far as his life on campus goes, Squishy doesn't let personal things get in the way of his studies. "It's really easy to focus on my classes when my social calendar is so free. Actually, it's pretty much empty." Most of his time he says is spent with his fellow fraternity members of Oozma Kappa. "These guys are like brothers to me, or at least what I assume a brother would be like." But heading to college is not without it's challenges. "It's hard to be away from family so much. Sometimes I'm away from my mom for like two or three hours at a time. But we make up for it on game night every Friday."

If all journeys start with a proverbial single step, Squishy’s daily walk to MU starts with a literal step out his front door.

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