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MU Juniors Terri and Terry Perry agree with the old adage “two heads are better than one.”

“How else could we even think of it?” asks Terry, “I mean, we literally have two heads. There’s got to be some benefit right?” That’s when Terry’s more optimistic half, Terri, chimed in, “We only have to buy one movie ticket! So that’s pretty great.”

It seems they’re on to something. The two-headed monsters are both honors students, which is impressive considering they have different class schedules. “We’d both agreed we belonged in the scaring program, but when the program didn’t agree, things got complicated,” explains Terry. “But we put our HEADS together and now we’re HEADING down a new path!” laughs Terri, causing his brother to spill coffee on himself.

Terry and Terri clearly have two decades of love, respect, and -- on some level -- dependence on each other, but it comes at the price of privacy. “We’re never alone. Don’t even know what that would be like but I think about it, a lot,” admits Terry. Terri follows, “Really? I get lots of nice alone time at night. It’s relaxing just laying back and watching you sleep.”

“You do what? I’m never sleeping again,” replies Terry.

With so much sibling competition -- both in academics and personal space -- it’s amazing what Terri and Terry have achieved. Not only do they attend one of most prestigious universities in the monster world, but they’re thriving and enjoying the life as an Oozma Kappa member. Terri says, “Like I said, two heads are better than one!” Terry includes, “Yes, if only those heads were separated, preferably by several states.”

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